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The A to Z Trust supports the following
  • Mashambanzou Hospice, based in Harare which cares for sick and needy children

  • SGOFTI – Support Group for the Families of the terminally ill. Group members make craft items for sale.

  • Rural Schools. Several schools in remote areas provide free education, but need money for books, writing materials and equipment.

  • Vocational Training Projects with Bulawayo City Council

  • The King George VI memorial School for Physically Handicapped and Hearing Impaired Children, Bulawayo.

Children respond to the smallest acts of kindness and appreciate the fact that people care about them. Most are unable to gain access to education because of high school fees and levies and so their future is bleak.
September 2019.

Zimbabwe is in a state of crisis worse than that period of hyperinflation in 2008. There are daily power cuts often exceeding 17 hours and frequent shortages of water. King George VI Memorial Sch0ol for Physically Disabled and Deaf children now has a role of 460 children,. It would be impossible to run the school without regular electricity and water supplies. The Trust provided funds to extend the Solar Energy system to ensure that the freezers in the kitchen would function so that food could be stored and that the pump for the borehole could receive power, thus ensuring a constant water supply.
Trustees Visit November 2018.
The Trustees spent 4 weeks in Bulawayo during November 2018 when they were able to pass on a substantial donation of £5000 to the Zimbabwe Academy of Music from the Backstage Trust; they were also able to give significant assistance to the King George VI Memorial School for Physically Disabled and Deaf Children, to the Bulawayo Home Industries and the Mayor of Bulawayo’s Christmas Cheer Fund.

Donations to the Trust have been minimal and any new support would be very welcome to enable the Trust to continue its work.
A to Z Trust visit of Trustees 08.02.18 to 09.03.18
The Trustees returned to Bulawayo on 8th February 2018 and remained until 09.03.2018 during which time they were able to give substantial support and assistance to the King George VI Memorial School for Physically Disabled and Deaf Children which included the provision of funds for a Solar Lighting Project, 75 winter blankets for school boarders, material for curtains and sheets and classroom carpets for young children to sit on. Educational materials and books were given for classroom and library purposes, with substantial donations for the sewing and embroidery class, together with recorders, clothing and framed portraits of King George VI. Additional cotton and material was given to the Bulawayo Home Industries. Items were also donated to the Mayor of Bulawayo’s Charity Fund.
A to Z Trust – Visit of Trustees to Bulawayo July 2017.
The Trustees visited Bulawayo for a period of 4 weeks in July 2017 where they were able to continue their assessment of need and to give assistance to existing Projects.
In particular they visited the King George VI Memorial School for Physically Disabled and Deaf Children which celebrated its 60th Anniversary on 20th July. Significant donations were made to the school which included books and academic material as well as material for the Horticultural Project, Musical Instruments for the ECD Children, items for the Library, Art Section and material and threads for the embroidery and sewing section. 20 wheelchairs were refurbished and prizes for academic achievement and long-service were also donated. Board games and a table tennis table and equipment were donated for the boarders to use. We were able to arrange that a letter of congratulation was sent to the School by HM Queen Elizabeth 11; the school was dedicated to her late father King George VI and opened by HM the Queen Mother in July 1957.
In addition to this children were taken to the Chipangali Wildlife Orphanage, the natural History Museum and senior Prefects were taken to City Hall where they were addressed by the Mayor.
Donations were also given to Bulawayo Home Industries and to the Mayor of Bulawayo’s Christmas Cheer Fund.
Trustees visit to Bulawayo October/November 2014.
The Trustees travelled to Bulawayo in early October where they stayed for 6 weeks assessing existing projects and identifying further ways in which the Trust could assist needy people. Much of their time was spent working with the King George VI Memorial School for Physically Disabled and Hearing Impaired Children which they have supported during the last three years. The school is well run with 345 children but the need is great and funds for necessary improvements are difficult to obtain. There is a wide variety of disability in the school and it is a joy to see how the children are able and willing to assist one another and remain happy despite their individual problems.

During the year we sent money to improve the horticulture scheme which now provides all of the vegetables for school meals with any surplus being donated to local hospitals or sold to raise much needed income. Earlier in 2014 the Trust provided funds for the extended irrigation system which has been a great success and has made provision for the acquisition of some citrus fruit trees. This project has the added benefit that some children learn some basic horticulture which is a necessary life skill in a country with high unemployment; it is being extended with the Trust’s continued support. Additionally funds were provided for the acquisition, transportation and installation of two drinking fountains which are essential in an area where water supplies are short; they prevent water wastage and teach the children the need to save water.

In addition to sharing in the teaching of some of the younger children, arrangements were made to take two classes together with their wheelchairs and walking aids to a Wildlife Sanctuary where the children were able to see animals at close quarters for the first time. This was both an enjoyable and an educational experience.

Other existing Vocational Training Projects which have been supported by the Trust were visited and Bulawayo Home Industries were supplied with materials that enable the participants to produce items for sale and to improve their skills.

Coincidentally the Trustees sent another 4 boxes of clothing, books and educational materials which arrived after they had left Zimbabwe. Two of the boxes were donated to Mashambanzou Hospice in Harare which the Trust has supported for several years and the other two were forwarded to Bulawayo where one was donated to the Mayor’s Christmas Cheer Fund for disadvantaged people and the other was given to KGVl School where the need for support is constant.
Trustees visit to Zimbabwe October/November 2015.
The Trustees spent 4 weeks in Bulawayo at their own expense assessing need and ensuring financial support for projects both with Bulawayo City Council and King George VI Memorial School for Physically Disabled and Deaf Children.

Donations exceeding two thousand pounds were made to the Mayor of Bulawayo’s Christmas Cheer Fund, and materials were donated to the Bulawayo Home Industries so that the women could manufacture bags and other items for sale.

Books, wall-charts and other educational materials and prizes for academic achievement were donated to the KG 6 School to a value exceeding two thousand two hundred pounds were provided by the A to Z Trust.

Owing to a generous grant of four thousand pounds from St. Andrew Blackadder Church, North Berwick the Trust was able to provide 31 new beds, bedding, pillows and mosquito nets for the boarders at the school. As a result of a discount achieved by bulk purchasing the remainder of the money was used to secure horticultural tools which will assist the children studying the subject to fulfil practical as well as academic requirements of the course. There is the added benefit that these will also help with the production of vegetables and fruit for the school meals, with any surplus donated to local hospices. There is also the possibility that with training the children will be able to produce flowers and plants that could be sold for a small income to acquire seeds for further development.

The situation in Zimbabwe is deteriorating with power cuts sometimes lasting for 18 hours each day. There is no sign that this situation will improve in the foreseeable future and so a pressing need is to raise sufficient funds to provide solar energy to enable the school to run normally during the cuts. This is a priority for the Trust although the needs are endless and much support is vitally necessary for the School to be able to continue.
Trustees visit to Zimbabwe September/October 2016.
The Trustees visited Bulawayo between 12th September and 12th October 2016.
Their primary objective was continued support for the King George VI Memorial School for Physically Disabled and Deaf Children and specifically to develop Alternative Energy Projects funded by a generous donation from St Andrew Blackadder Church, North Berwick; this has ensured regular electricity and hot water supplies and the replacement of a solar pump for the borehole which supplies water for the horticultural scheme that is operating successfully. Additionally they were able to provide a large number of prizes which were presented on the School Prize Day, 29th September, as well as acquiring and donating significant educational materials and books and fifty pillows for the school boarders for use in the dormitories.

A class of children was taken to the Chipangali Wild Life orphanage Centre where the children were able to see animals that they would not normally see. Another Class was taken to the Natural History Museum. The Trustees were able to share in some teaching in classes for very young children.

Support was also given for the Mayor of Bulawayo’s Christmas Cheer Fund and the Bulawayo Home Industries Project which enables the employment of several women.

The Trustees were also able to speak with the Junior Council which comprises selected senior pupils from Bulawayo Schools and for the first time arranged for two pupils from King George VI School to be included in the Council. The spread of dangerous drugs is extensive in Zimbabwe and the Trustees spoke again with the Junior Council about this problem and ways of addressing the risks: they also spoke at the Christian Brothers School and the Rotary Club and suggested appropriate action for these organisations. However this is an ever increasing problem and there doesn’t seem to be the necessary will to alleviate it.

One of the largest problems is that of finance and the Government’s proposed Zimbabwe Bond is causing much anxiety to people who think that they will return to the hyper-inflation of 2008. Unfortunately there was little cause for optimism during this visit.
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